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Strategic Consulting for Startups & SME's –

Generally consultants would love going after the Big Brands. They have big budgets, big money and big revenues. Well then whats the fun ? With all the Big B above making a strategy come to life is as straight as forward as it can be. You have everything to buy you the RIGHT resources you need to scale. 

But with startups and small businesses its different. They generally have more than one thing missing. Let me explain – 

1. Big Targets, Decent Team, but less money and less time OR 
2. Big Money, No time, Small team and HUMONGOUS targets to achieve OR 
3. Small Targets, Very small team, Little Money but lot of energy and conviction 

One thing that I have not mentioned above and it is also common among most of the situations is an Innovative Business Idea that is either solving a major problem of a customer (which he may not value too much for now) or it is simplifying the life of millions of businesses by bringing a twist in the way the same thing was done for years. This is what I connect myself with. This is what gets me going. 

It’s that adrenaline rush in your blood which does not have an end. It just flows and flows like crazy. Just like how I am typing this at 12.40am in the night (was just not able to sleep thinking about how I can work with more and more such amazing startup ideas, people and investors. 

If you have something kicking In your mind and you have put together a team and you have also managed to pull off some investment for your idea its just the time getting into a conversation with a consultant like me would help. It might sound too ‘bechu’ but trust me after having done this for over 20 organisations and 6 startups, I myself realized the timing and effort of such an engagement could not just save your investors money but also at times get your idea onto a completely different track. Something you might have not thought of (because even I might have never thought of it). It comes naturally. Just like dhoni’s stumping. It almost feels godly they he stumps. I have a track record. Not as good as him for sure. But a small one. 

Key Areas of Consulting -

1. Business Structuring 

2. Redefining Purpose with a Goal and a Mission 

3. Realigning Business to its core strength areas 

4. Marketing Consulting 

5. Digital Marketing Strategy, Execution & Analysis

6. Product Consulting

How do i work
What do i work on