Speak for a cause!

Not the charity CAUSE. Nope for sure.  I speak at corporates, startup events and at privately organized workshops for a CAUSE!

Innovation ka kida
Starting up or starting down
Cant sleep due to this idea syndrome
Can I do this? Really? I don’t think I have it in me. No. I don’t have it for sure.
I like WIN. Loosing is so embarrassing! Etc……..

There are one and many CAUSES I have been honored with, and given a chance to interact with people. Its breathtaking to see people absorb new thoughts and learnings with a smile on their face and a spark in their eyes. I genuinely thank god for giving me the courage to speak in front of people and share my experiences, failures and success and bring useful change in someone's life. I am thankful to him for everything I have.

Do you have a interesting CAUSE you would like me to SPEAK on? 

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