-  A sales boy - Since the age of 16 I started selling Britannia biscuits outside D-Mart store for free sampling and then went on to sell Mumbai Mirror Newspaper door to door and covered more than 500 households and sold over 300 subscriptions. 

-  An entrepreneur at heart - Started my first venture at the age of 19 selling tiffins to working professionals in Mumbai. The venture has only grown in name and size since then. Covered in national newspapers during my college, I was one of the youngest to crack a concept that has been funded over 300 Crs

-  Marketing is his karma – From learning sales and online marketing with handson experience and earning a living out of the same has given me confidence and clarity to show the world how true marketing efforts can do wonders for your business

-  Technology is his vehicle – He has built multiple product businesses from scratch (for his clients) where technology has played a key role in the overall business operations. Infact he has build a couple of tech focused product businesses too. His understanding about technology is not of an engineer but more of a business innovator. 

-  Natural Speaker – With gods grace and stars play, he has a strong mercury (planet) and that has proved true for him in his real life too. Took off with his passion to speak as an Emcee for corporate events, shows and media programs he graduated his skill into training entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing through his vivid experiences at renowned B-School, SP Jain. He speaks in his programs like we talk to our friends. Its so casual and natural to him. His art of converting his experiences into useful learnings for entrepreneurs is his less known USP.


-  I have failed - Most people prefer to work with successful people, I am a little weird that way. I prefer to work people who have failed at least once. Failure is a school that cannot be replaced by age, experience or education. I take pride to share my failures and help others learn things worth a million from them. Yes I failed and I stood up again! 

Ventures I have tried and Failed at –

1.  Popcorn Entertainment – An Event Management Company (that would do rock shows around the country) while I was in my 2nd year of graduation

2.  6th Element – A School that teaches the 6th element to a human called Dance. Teaching folk dance and western dance forms in Mumbai

3.  Stock Market – We all have tried this or wish to do this atleast once to make that quick buck. I did that too. And quickly lost a lot of bucks. I lost over 4 lakhs even before i completed my final year of graduation. 

Venture I built Successfully –

Green Veggies – Tiffin Service for Working Professionals
My first formal venture. Providing tiffin services to working professionals and corporate clients across Mumbai. Didn’t know the model I created then was worth 250 Crs today. Food Startups have followed the same model and raised funds over 250 Crs using the same model. It’s the first time I understood the importance of timing. May be I was too early in bringing such a model in 2007 when funding food startups was not even a consideration for investors in india. Niether did I know something like funding even existed in my ecosystem. I was busy being too happy with myself doing a profitable and successful business at the age when a lot of them were barely able graduate or get a job.

We have been quoted multiple times in media on the web and in the national newspapers to be one of the most healthy tiffin service of our times. We have not pivoted our business completely. It is called as Foodever. The only thing Foodever has got as heritage is the experience of the food business. Rest everything is NEW


PFB Worldwide – Digital Agency
A design focused, technology driven and marketing crazy agency that worked with companies of all sizes. We excelled in building great design experience through engaging marketing communication and attractive product designing. Along the way of building a digital agency we also created some of the best experiences on the web and mobile for our clients.

Starting it out from my girlfriends father office to taking it into a corporate park with over 25 great and energetic employees, this venture became one of the best successes of my life.

A successful business need not necessarily mean you would run it for life. As time went, I realized I got more busy managing cash flows and resources for running the business than focusing on my core strengths which is Marketing, Creativity and Digital Innovations. Eventually at time when we were doing half million dollar of turn over in a span of 3 years I decided to transition the business completely into Consulting instead of Servicing.