Well we all waste our time doing something or the other. Research says the most intelligent and successful people waste 70% of their time doing unimportant and uncritical things. This is what gives them their space to think. Make less decisions. Be more fearless. Take right steps. Manage big things.

I invite you to this unknown, unspoken world of wasting your time!
Its very exciting, creative and unimaginable. 

Think about it for a min. You might be working somewhere doing some job to learn something. Then you will get promoted. Then you will manage a team, become the Boss, feel like doing things of your own, leave your company and start your own. Some of you felt this even before you did all the crap mentioned above (i felt the same). Learn to regularly #wastetime. 
Read More... i.e how i have been waste (enjoying) more time ;) 


Some do it by sleeping, watching TV, playing games, cricket etc.. etc.. etc.. i do it by actually wasting my time the time of people around me. 

I #wastemytime (enjoy) Marketing Products and making consumers feel as if life would be impossible without such products. Sometimes i also work deep along with the business at the root level to structure the purpose of your business / organisation / brand. Know more about how we can engage to #wastetimetogether


By now you must have figured out my love for #bakwas. 

Yes.. No.. Let me explain.. 

I am young and i don't have a filter. I believe in #speakupthebakwas

I dont give GYAN. I #speakupthebakwas. 

There is a lot of #bakwas you dont know about which is why your life, your work, your goals have all started become #bakwas. Listen to the #bakwas to avoid the #bakwas life. I only speak my heart. No Filter, No Theory.